Off for the snow tomorrow



That is kind of mediation for me, sliding down the hills, feeling the icy cold air on my cheeks or feeling the burning legs in the evening.

The pictures show how ist was two years ago.

Nowhere spirituality is closer as in the nature.

If you guess from the pictures guess where it was, you are really good!




What spirituality does not mean for me

As I lately stated what spirituality means for me, I now want to state what it does not mean.

It certainly does not mean obeying rules of a church without own thoughts. Rules from churches, even rules which Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha gave can be positive, but do not necessarily have to be positive. And even if they were ment positive as they were told, they could have been misunderstood, written down in a different way or not be “true” any more.

Words and rules from spiritual people, founder of religions can be positive and have the chance to be positive more than from others, but there always remains a good chance that they are not.

Churches mostly are founded and managed by human beings.

So, the possibility of free, own thinking is the most important thing.

The most important thing for every church or religious or spiritual community is free access and free exit without any punishment. Not the content is the criteria, because what might be good or bad for a person or community can differ.


Spiritual people unite!

This blog is a consequence of my two german-language blogs about Change in Society and a New Spirituality.

The most important topic in these blogs is spirituality, not religion, not confessions, free and real spirituality and its connection and application in society, politics, science and the everyday life.

To reach and be able to contact more people all over the world, I start a version in English today, to give short summaries of interesting topics. Details and first Information will follow shortly.

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