Off for the snow tomorrow



That is kind of mediation for me, sliding down the hills, feeling the icy cold air on my cheeks or feeling the burning legs in the evening.

The pictures show how ist was two years ago.

Nowhere spirituality is closer as in the nature.

If you guess from the pictures guess where it was, you are really good!




What spirituality means for me

I use the term spirituality, because belief in God is a little too uncertain. Many people belief in God, but there God is a personal one with rules you have to obey. That is mostly bad in some points. To belief in a personal God not necessarily must mean to be not spiritual, but often it does.

God for me is the sum of consciousness. Consciousness does not need a material body. God wants to experience itself. We are all a part of God.

Spirituality means to experience this divinity in us without having to obey rules. There is no good or evil in general, but there is an idea what to be good does mean and we should try to be good. Being eval does not mean to have to be punished by others, but we can speak with others about that to find a way to act in a better way.

Meditation, reincarnation therapy could be means to differentiate between good an evil.

“You must not kill” will became a “you will see that you want to kill” and should be obtained by personal insight.